Lauren Smyth is writing



With Love from the Past

Three deadly riddles. Two "unforgiveable" betrayals. And one last chance to prove you're not who you once were.

The story begins in darkness. Literally. Turns out, staying locked in your room doesn't pay the electric bill. So when Ari is offered a job as an agent with the National Drug Enforcement Bureau, it's accept or starve. And a fresh start is just what Ari needs.

It's a great first day—until one of her teammates is found dead.

A cryptic riddle taped to Ari's door poses five possible killers: Ari, her three teammates, and a mysterious “other” who just might be the city’s top drug dealer and the target of her first mission. That list includes all her friends. Everyone she thought she could trust. And herself.

With that first clue, Ari is dragged into a wild game of anonymity, desperation, and regret that leaves her with a choice: Forgive and accept her past, or try to keep it hidden no matter who it hurts.

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